Simple measuring instrument for ultra low measurement range by pulse-Voltage excitation method (Non-contact)

Selling Points

NON-Contact type
NON-Contact type
PC & Software
PC & Software

No damage measurement by non-contact Pulse-Voltage excitation method
Easy to measure & carry around, Removable stage plate
Easy operation and data processing by PC with Software
Measurement result can shown by 3 types of measurement unit(Sheet resistance[Ohm/Sq], Electric conductivity[S/cm], Electrical conduction[S])

*Pulse-Voltage excitation method : Pat. No.5386394
Joint development with Chiba Univ.



  • New materials, functional materials (Carbon nanotube, DLC, graphene, Ag nanowire etc)
  • Conductive thin film (Metal, ITO etc)
  • Others (*Please contact us for details)

Sample sizes

~W300 x D210mm

Measuring range

50μ ~ 1mΩ/sq

Non-Contact type resistance measurement
Manual (1 point measurement)

Product Information

Non-Contact type resistance measurement

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Measurement principles & methods of Resistance Download by PDF file

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