Handy type sheet resistance measuring tool [compatible both 4 point probe method and non-destructive (eddy current method) probes]

Selling Points

Contact type
Contact type
NON-Contact type
NON-Contact type

Easy to measure sheet resistance & carry around
Replaceable hand-held probes for Non-destructive & Contact type

  • 〈NAPSON Original Technology〉Replaceable hand-held probes for 2 kinds of measurement methods
    〈1〉Non-destructivetype(Eddy current method)
    〈2〉Contact type(4 point probe method)
  • Auto-measurement start by probe head unit put on/probe contact to sample
  • Long-battery run time : 24h (*Battery-operated mode)
  • Measurement data display : Max.100 data
  • Measurement data save : Max.50,000 data
  • Measurement data transfer by USB-Mini
  • Measurement unit : Ω/□, S/□,n/m
  • Data displayed by 4 digit floating decimal point

*Mainbody+Non-destructive probe set, Mainbody+Contact probe set are also available.




Any sample within the measurement range
can be measured. (Films, Glass, Papers etc)

  • Thin-film (ITO, TCOetc)
  • Low-E-Glass
  • CNT(Carbon nanotubes), Graphenmaterials
  • Metals (nano-wires, grids, meshes, thin films)
  • Others

Sample sizes

Any size and shape can be measured.
(*Larger than measurement spot size)

〈Measurement Spot size〉

  • Non-destructive probe(Eddy current type) : φ25mm
  • Contact probe(4 point probe type) : 9mm

Measuring range

  • Non-destructive probe(Eddy current type) : 0.5 -200Ω/sq
  • Contact probe(4 point probe type) : 0.001 -4000 Ω/sq


〈Handy unit (DUORES® main unit)〉.
W100 x D32 x H210 mm
Approx. 350 g (not including batteries)

Non-destructive probe
W70 x D20 x H70
Approx. 170 g

Contact probe
W40 x D15 x H50
Approx. 85g

Non-Contact type resistance measurement
Manual (1 point measurement)

Product Information

Non-Contact type resistance measurement

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Measurement principles & methods of Resistance Download by PDF file

*If you want PDF file [Measurement principles & methods of Resistance], please click here.