NC-600, NC-700
Built-in module of resistivity flat panel displayr by eddy current method (Non-contact)

Selling Points

NON-Contact type
NON-Contact type
PC & Software
PC & Software
In-line module
In-line module

Inline measurement module for moving substrates such as PET film, glass or paper
Continuous measurement(~24h) in Roll to Roll with OFF-SET FREE capability system
Various applications from the research and development to the production line



  • New materials, functional materials (Carbon nanotube, DLC, graphene, Ag nanowire etc)
  • Conductive thin film (Metal, ITO etc)

Sample sizes

Please contact us in details

Measuring range

10~1000Ω/sq [Standard range type]
(* Select a range from 1m ~2000 Ω/sq. Please contact us in details)
*Numbers of probe module : Selectable

Non-Contact type resistance measuremen
Built-in module

Product Information

Non-Contact type resistance measurement

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Measurement principles & methods of Resistance Download by PDF file

*If you want PDF file [Measurement principles & methods of Resistance], please click here.