Semi-automatic / wide range measuring instrument of resistivity / sheet resistance by 4 point probe method

Selling Points

Contact type
Contact type
PC & Software
PC & Software

Widest measuring range in the world and High accuracy measurement for semiconductor
User programmable measurement pattern
Tester self-test function
Thickness, edge, temperature correction for silicon wafer
Film thickness conversion function from sheet resistance



  • Semiconductor materilas, Solar-cell materials (Silicon, Polysilicon, SiC etc)
  • New materials, functional materials (Carbon nanotube, DLC, graphene, Ag nanowire etc)
  • Conductive thin film (Metal, ITO etc)
  • Diffused sample (or layer)
  • Silicon-related thin films (LTPS etc), IGZO
  • Silicon-related epitaxial materials, Ion-implantation sample
  • Others (*Please contact us for details)

Sample sizes

WS-8800 : ~ 8 inch, ~156x156mm
-Option(Large size stage: Model RG-3000); ~12 inch, ~210x210mm

WS-3000 : 3~12 inch (and/or Optional 8 inch)

Measuring range

1. RT-3000/S version;
[R] 100μ~1M Ω・cm
[RS] 1m~10M Ω/sq

2. RT-3000/H version;
[RS] 10mΩ/sq?1GΩ/sq


RT-3000: W250 x D323 x H135 mm
Approx. 6kg

RG-2000: W1,020 x D490 x H408 mm
Approx. 90kg
RG-3000: W935×D564×H471mm
Approx. 95kg

Contact type resistance measurement
Semi-automatic (Multi point measurement)

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Contact type resistance measurement

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Measurement principles & methods of Resistance Download by PDF file

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